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The SUGAR Handshake is a novel and flexible intervention that can be individualised to the needs of elderly patients with type II diabetes melliuts to provide them with effective pharmacist-led counselling on reducing hypoglycaemic attacks. The principles of the behaviour wheel theory (BCW) were applied to design the SUGAR Handshake intervention. The tool was developed through research between the Lincoln Medical School and School of Pharmacy, University of Lincoln. The SUGAR Handshake Intervention Tool can be used:

  1. as a clinical intervention tool when providing counselling to [elderly] type II diabetes patients on reducing hypoglycaemic attacks and glycaemic control.
  2. As a tool to help patients get involved with their own care while devising individualised counselling tips according to their clinical needs.  
  3. to promote behavioural change to prevent hypoglycaemia by enhancing the physical and psychological capabilities of the patients through improving their knowledge and skills in managing and preventing hypoglycaemia.
  4. As a tool to promote behaviour change by addressing the physical and cultural needs of the patients.
  5. to consolidate patient counselling to improve patient’s quality of life.

Once the pharmacist/healthcare provider gathers information from each patients through counselling, and of course by referring to the patient notes, based on the type and number of diabetes medications, age of the patient, their co-morbidities, availability of carer, etc. personalised/individualised care is provided to them.

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The SUGAR Handshake intervention has five domains in the shape of a hand:

  1. Signs & symptoms of hypoglycaemia
  2. Understanding the underlying causes of hypoglycaemia
  3. Good glycaemic control and self-monitoring
  4. Acknowledgment by the patient
  5. Recap and summary

Each of the five domains have relevant contents containing the main recommendations. The fourth and the fifth domain are designed to allow individualisation of the intervention.

The tool is available in two languages i.e., English & Arabic.


The paper underpinning the development of the SUGAR Handshake Intervention has been published in the journal of Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

Almomani, H.Y., Pascual, C.R., Al-Azzam S.I, and Ahmadi, K., 2020. Randomised controlled trial of pharmacist-led patient counselling in controlling hypoglycaemic attacks in older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (ROSE-ADAM): A study protocol of the SUGAR intervention. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

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