Canine Frustration Questionnaire (CFQ)

The first validated, reliable, psychometric tool for measuring frustration in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris)
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Canine Frustration Questionnaire (CFQ)

The Canine Frustration Questionnaire (CFQ) is the first validated, reliable tool to assess frustration tendencies in dogs using an owner questionnaire. The tool was developed through research within the Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare Group, School of Life Sciences, University of Lincoln. 

The CFQ can be used:

a) as a clinical tool when assessing the likely contribution of frustration tendencies in dogs with behaviour problems.

b) to monitor response to interventions purported to improve frustration tolerance, both in the individual, and also as a research tool when assessing potential treatment strategies for such problems.

c) as a tool to select appropriate working dogs where frustration tendencies may be important to success/failure.

d) in the screening of shelter dogs at the time of relinquishment to predict their ability to cope in that environment. 

Product: The CFQ is a 21 item questionnaire using a 5 point Likert scale (plus a N/A answer column). There is an associated scoring sheet and mean/standard deviation scores, producing an overall questionnaire score for each dogs, plus 5 sub-scores representing different facets of frustration tendencies. 

Academic Profile: 

Consultancy: Consultancy services offered through the Animal Behaviour Clinic a referral only clinicfor pets and animals of all species with behaviour and training problems located at the University of Lincolns City Centre campus.

Commercial Use: This assessment tool is freely available for personal use. If you require commercial use please send enquiries to

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